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Euro-travelin’ – Strasbourg

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To some people, buying a train ticket to a place you’ve never been in a place you’ve never been, with no idea where you’ll be staying that night or even if you’ll take that train all the way to your destination would seem like an exercise in stupidity. To me it’s an adventure. Thankfully Fiona agrees, or if she doesn’t exactly agree, at least she plays along well.

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The next morning, I sauntered  to the ticket window at the train station and requested two tickets to the top of the Jungfraujock. The guide books had warned that the ride we were about to embark on was ‘the most expensive train ride in all of Europe.’ Most expensive?!?! That’s really saying something in this part of the world. Turns out those guide books weren’t kidding. I knew with certainty after signing the slip that my dreams of owning a real Swiss watch would never come true, and my nightmare of bankruptcy became one signature closer to reality, previous night’s winnings or not. But hey, it’s a vacation, so what the hell?

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