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Euro-travelin’ – Strasbourg

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To some people, buying a train ticket to a place you’ve never been in a place you’ve never been, with no idea where you’ll be staying that night or even if you’ll take that train all the way to your destination would seem like an exercise in stupidity. To me it’s an adventure. Thankfully Fiona agrees, or if she doesn’t exactly agree, at least she plays along well.

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Across the Pond – Manchester Edition

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This trip started in Manchester, with a bunch of wise-ass WWE crewmembers standing in front of a bunch of sour faced customs officials. We sat and waited as the sour faced agents ‘activated’ our paperwork. In trips past, we’d walk up to the desk with a work permit, the agent would ask us some silly questions, then stamp our passports and we’d be on our way. Many trips ago, I learned the hard way that these officials have zero sense of humor. Upon handing over my work permit, the guard asked me what exactly I did for World Wrestling Entertainment.

“I am an audio engineer.”

“And you are telling me there is nobody in all of the United Kingdom that can perform your duties?”

“Nope,” the old wise ass Frenchy answered, “because we haven’t been able to find anyone sober long enough to do it.”

That little comment earned me a nice, long timeout in the immigrations office. Now I just shut my mouth and play nice.

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I’ve Been Everywhere, Man.

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“Man, you need to write something new! What the hell has been going on lately?”

Well, so far in the two and a half weeks that have made up this month, I’ve logged fifteen flights, two train rides, and way too many nights in a different hotel room. It’s gotten to the point that the hotel room now stays the same, just the stuff inside the room changes. Every night. I’ve been to Newark, Wilkes-Barre, Trenton, Stamford, Detroit, Indianapolis, Lexington, Lincoln, Jacksonville, Columbia, and Stamford again before coming home finally. Just when I hoped it might slow down a bit,  I’m off for more flights and fun in a few short days. And pretty soon we’ll hop across the pond to England, which means  the annual WWE Corporate Retreat is just around the corner.

Has stuff happened? Sure it has. Has it been interesting?

Well, there’s been delayed planes, screaming babies, screaming producers, evacuation warnings, more screaming babies,  firemen, car crashes, football, wrestling, people sleeping in airports, swine flu, Macallan toasts, a Chat with the Chairman, weddings,leaves have fallen, snow has fallen (!), there’ve been even  more delays, drunk cab drivers, corn fields, plenty of laughing with old friends and new ones, lots of photography, and still more screaming babies, and that’s all just in the past two weeks. It’s been a blur.

It might sound like complaining, but rest assured, it’s the furthest thing from it. I love bouncing around like a pinball, even when the normally accelerated pace accelerates.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Normal yawn-inspiring blogging will resume shortly.

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